“A captivating experience that I’ve been coming back to frequently.” – Ewan Spence, http://allaboutwindowsphone.com.

Orientile should not be missed in your tap-library.” – bestwp7apps.net

“It will keep you busy for countless hours.” – wp7lab.com

In response to popular demand, Beautiful Mind Games is introducing Orientile – another fun, yet challenging puzzle inspired by the classic game of Dots and Boxes.

– Connect dots with lines and make two-square rectangles (“tiles”), trying to claim more squares than your opponent.

– Test your skills against the computer or challenge a friend.

– Track your performance over time and submit your grades to online leaderboards.

– Start with an empty play field or let the computer make your first moves for you.

– Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.

– Computer cheats? Use the playback feature to see what actually happened.

– Express yourself – choose your player’s character.

WARNING: this is NOT the traditional game of Dots and Boxes. Once you understand the concept of “tiles”, it will make sense.





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