60 Seconods is an extremely dynamic shooter for Windows Phone in which your fingers will grow almost as hot as the gun barrels of the main character.

Despite the fact that the game should fit in the category of time-killers, it is designed very well. This is evidenced by the high quality cartoonish graphics, great animation and good sound.

Now grab your gun, jump up the wagon, ride in the wilderness of the west in “Wagon Shootout”!

As the members of Jackson family, Gavin and Albert establish an express agency – “Black-Water Company”, which in charge of delivering and protecting treasure and Valuables to the destination.

On the way of delivery, you will face your enemy, the biggest robber band in this borderland – “Gun Bless U”.

How to make the best use of your weapons and ammunition to defeat the upcoming robbers is the key to the victory!




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